made in Germany

Our products are manufactured in Germany, Bavaria, but are used beyond national borders. We have been gaining experience in the cleaning industry for almost 10 years. This experience is reflected in our innovations.

Experience on site

While working in the industry for years, some problems persisted and no clear solution was at hand. It became obvious that sun-X itself would find the best solutions to all-too-familiar problems. Numerous tests and trial runs later, we have now created a product that is not only smart,

but also resource-efficient in multiple ways. In order to permanently improve the workflow of the photovoltaic industry, we are constantly working on the optimisation and team play of our products.


To create the best products and solutions, we develop and patent instruments that meet our highest standards and novel technical developments.

the industry

The efficiency and value retention of any PV investment is the highest asset of any plant operator. Our innovations from a single source connect operators and service providers, who jointly seek the optimal operation of the plants.

PV plant operator
System cleaner

The idea

Drawing from our on-site experience, we knew what our cleaners as well as our customers were missing in order to achieve the optimum results. sunbotics, sunsorics and suncloud precisely address these interfaces.


The development

After all necessary tests, numerous challenges and corresponding improvements, the time has now come: Our products are optimised and PV-cleaners use them directly on the PV-systems.


The rollout

We look back at two years of successful preparations and are started production in 2021. In the forge of sun-X, sunbotics, sunsoric and suncloud products are being born.

Any questions?


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